Thermowell Baffles

Thermowell Baffles Jacketed with PTFE

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PTFE Jacketed Thermowell-baffles for inserting Thermocouples below the liquid level of corrosion mixtures are designed to withstand immersion in all acids, except hydrofluoric, at temperatures to 350°F. Their corrosion resistance and strength are also designed to provide long-life and maintenance-free operation of both thermowells and vessels. They are constructed of a PTFE jacketed steel pipe with a special tantalum bulb swaged on the bottom end. Heat conductivity of 0.130 cal./cm2/°C/sec. is provided through the tantalum bulb which combines good chemical resistance with high thermal conductivity.

  • Pipe: ASTM A 106 Grade B schedule 80
  • Flange: IS 2062 Grade B. ANSI B16.5 ASA150 # for drilled holes
  • Standard: Two fixed flanges, loose flange available on request
  • Lining: Pure PTFE in compliance with ASTM D 1457, white in colour
  • Lining thickness: 3 to 5 mm, exceeds the relevant ASTM F-1545 standard specs.
  • Operating temperature: PTFE -29 to 260 deg. C
  • Operating pressure: Vaccume to 6 kg / cm. sq.
  • Hydrostatic pressure test: 10 kg / cm. sq.
  • Air leak test: 2 kg / cm. sq. before drilling of sparging element
  • Spark test: 10 KV