Fluoropolymers Lined Piping Systems

3G: Steel flanged pipelines and fittings with PTFE internal lining.

3G pipelines are a system made up of carbon steel or stainless steel pipes and fittings with virgin PTFE internal coating. PTFE covers all metal internal parts up to the seal face of the flange.

This system allows conveying any fluid/slurry using PTFE chemical inertia in order to avoid corrosion problems. These manufactures dimensionally comply with ANSI B16.5 or DIN 2848. The strength of 3G piping system in total chemical inertia, they are not altered or deteriorated in the course of time. Moreover they are “self-bearing”, as with few brackets it is possible to support a whole installation, while plastic pipelines have to be supported by proper cable ducts. They are also unbreakable with respect to enamels and glass. Service temperatures -30°/+200°C.

PTFE is permeable to chlorine gas and it is not compatible with alkali metals and fluorine gas.
3G offers its customers a thorough design service, detailed engineering and a supply of complete packages with complementary products.

Characteristics of 3G Products

  1. Machine-tool finish and machining of items before their assembly, in order that couplings are perfectly parallel and PTFE thickness constant in every part.
  2. The adhesion of PTFE to the stub ends is carried out with new, stateof- the-art PTFE machining techniques; therefore PTFE perfectly adheres to the stub ends. This way, PTFE, even after years of service life, is not subject to any strain whatsoever.
  3. Flanges, one free and one fixed, contribute to the easy installation of all 3G pipes and fittings.
  4. 3G applies PTFE in standard thicknesses ranging from a minimum of 3 mm to a maximum of 7 mm, these thicknesses, besides allowing vacuum service, rank amongst the highest on the market of PTFE-lined piping.
  5. 3G offers a broad range of products, which is not confined to PTFE lined straight pipes and fittings, but also includes everything involved in installation (gaskets, bellows, hose, linings of snap-on connections, reactor accessories Dip-pipes, spargers, etc.).
  6. 3G guarantees that every single item it produces is subject to a thorough check for accidental porosity present in PTFE as well as to a hydrostatic test according to the operating pressure of the plant.