PTFE Braided Packings

PTFE Braided Packings

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Chemical industry:Pumps and control valves, mixers and dischargers for acids,
alkali, resins, solvents.
Petrolchemical industry:Pumps and valves for acids, asphalt, vapour, mud, chemical
products, caustic solutions.
Mining industry: Drainage pumps.
Textile industry: Bleaches, dyestuffs, acids, filtered liquids, dirty water.
Food industry: Pumps, valves and mixers for ammonia, foodstuffs, pasta,
cleaning solutions.
Sugar-refineries: Pumps and valves for cold water, dirty water, mud, syrup, juicesi.
Brewiers:Pumps and valves for beer, brine, hops, caustic soda, ammonia.
Distilleries: Pumps and control valves for cleaning solutions and must.
Power plants: Pumps and control valves for water, dirty water, fuels, condensate,
spent ashes.
Nuclear power plants: Pumps for cooling water, fuels.
Depurators: Pumps and valves for acids, alkali, mud.
Paper Mills: Pumps and valves for chlorine, bleaches, alkali, lye, condensate,
washing water, mud, boiler feed, pulp, vapour.


  • Long working life.
  • Universal chemical resistance, excellent themal conductivity for high shaft speed.
  • Does neither hydrolyze nor harden.
  • Clean and easy to cut.
  • Not abrasive.
  • Better heat dissipation, lower weight loss and consequent minor shrinkage.