About Us


Anti-corrossive Lined Pipes and Fittings, Vessel and Tanks Lining, Isostatic Moulding

3G is a specialised company in fluoropolymers applications commonly known as PTFE. The extensive experience allowed us to offer complete fluid handling solution in PTFE Lined metal pipes, fittings, valves, GLR accessories, expansion joints, columns and tanks. Besides complementing PTFE Gaskets, Lab wares like Scoops, Scrapers, Test Tubes, beakers, Magnetic stirrers, Funnels, we do manufacture molded and customized products in PTFE.

Please contact us to get technical advice in our offices, we will be pleased to support you. 3G offers its customers a thorough design service, detailed engineering and a supply of complete packages with complementary products.

  • 3G Fluoro polymers uses best quality PTFE / Fluoro polymer raw materials from the world’s leading manufacturers like GFL, DUPONT, DYNEON, SOLVAY, DAIKIN and also procures best quality steels and castings from the leading domestic manufacturers
  • 3G Fluoro polymers has adopted universally accepted best process of RAM Extrusion and Paste Extrusion for manufacture of PTFE Pipes.
  • 3G has installed highly stable state of the art ISOSTATIC Molding process for manufacture of TEE’s, Bends, Cross and other fittings.
  • 3G Fluoro polymers has strict and effective quality control procedures adopted at all stages of manufacturing to ensure best quality end product.

ISO9001:2008 (QMS)